"Online Marketer Secret Revealed !!"

"To succeed online, you have to first identify which of the 4 types of online marketer you are" - David Hartmann

Active Promoters

These are the people who have many years of experience in online marketing and have no problem using different marketing methods to promote and refer 10s or even 100s of people into different programs.

Although these people can make themselves a nice referral income, the problem they are all facing it having their own referral doing the same.

Just think: no matter what kind of matrices they’re in, eventually, in order for them to earn a substantially good income; they will need over 15000+ people in the matrix.

And it is almost impossible for them to refer that many people all on their own. No matter how good they are.


How our program can benefit these people:

At Reality-Networkers, these active promoters will be joining forces with other promoters to write up the best report / tips / strategies / guides for the entire group to use. They will also be required to periodically search for more and better marketing tools and methods to help the entire team.

If you’re an active promoter, you will not have to worry about personally taking care of every single one of your referrals on your own anymore. The ENTIRE team is there to help YOUR referrals to build.

After all, it is A LOT EASIER for each one of your referrals to refer ONLY 5 people than having you to refer 15000+ people all on your own!!


Active Opportunity Seeker

These are the people with some online marketing experience and are constantly looking for new and better programs to join.

They are not as good as the active promoters but are still able to refer the minimum required number of people into the program they are in to make little profit.

These people usually expect that eventually they’ll be able to find a really good program so that they won’t have to do much and the program itself will help them make millions of dollars.

Though almost all of them have not been able to find such a program and are all still on the net browsing for one that can.


How our program can benefit these people:

What these people don’t understand is that such program does not exist !!

It’s very odd how they would think such a program exists. But if there’s no such thing in the real world, for sure there’s no such thing on the net.

At Reality-Networkers, we will help these people to understand and have the right mindset for online marketing. And of course, we will show these people exactly what to do, and we will compensate them for putting more effort.

So if you’re also an active opportunity seeker, or if you think your referrals will be one of those people, then fear no more.

Our system will train and motivate you and your referrals to want to put in more effort and eventually become an active promoter.


‘Unlucky’ Online Marketer

These are the people who understand, have the right mindset and are willing to put in a lot of effort into online marketing.

However, these people just have the worst luck because their promotion effort is just not paying off.

It is very discouraging when you’re willing to work hard and have put in so much effort and money but just cannot refer anyone. And usually it is because the headline/advertisement used is just not attractive enough, or safelists joined has too little subscriber….etc.

Eventually these people will start to think it is their problem that they simply cannot refer and decided to quit and not join any program anymore.


How our program can benefit these people:

These people are actually GREAT people. They understand the need to work hard and not sit around waiting for others to make them money. They have great potential to become an active promoter.

The only problem is that they may not know how to write an eye-catching headlines and an attractive advertisement.

Sometimes it is also because they’ve been posting their ads to the wrong place. That’s why they are not getting any result.

At Reality-Networkers, the ENTIRE team is required to periodically write up new headlines/advertisements for others to use. They are also required to find new and better places to post their ads to.

Those active promoters are also required to come up with a step by step guide describing EXACTLY which headlines and advertisements they are using, and where they are posting their ads to.

So if you’re one of the ‘unlucky’ marketers, or if you think your referrals may be one of these people, you can simply follow those directions.

After all, if you’re doing EXACTLY what the active promoters are doing, there’s no way that you cannot refer 10s or even 100s of people.


The Rest

Other than the 3 types of people described above, there’re also people who are too busy in their daily life to promote online and people who are interested but does not have the money or does not really want to pay anything to start a program.

In fact, there’re actually a lot of people like that.


How our program can benefit these people:

For those people who are too busy to promote, Reality-Networkers have an Investor’s Option so those people can benefactor people into this program without having to spend the time to promote.

Also, while others are required to complete certain tasks to get paid, investors can choose to contribute a portion of their earning to test/purchase marketing tools and materials for the entire group to use.

Though Investors will be paid a little less, their own team will still benefit from their contribution and will be able to build the matrix for them even if they are unable to put in as much time and effort into the team.

And as for those people who do not have the budget to start or does not wish to spend money to join any program, they can choose to be benefactored by our members.

And those who are benefactored into this group will also be required to benefactor other people using a portion of their earning.

This way, we will be able to generate a lot more people into the group and will be able to train them into active promoters to help the entire team.


Our Goal:

Reality-Networkers is not another get rich program. We’re not here to compete with other opportunities.

Reality-Networkers is where all new and experienced marketers gathered to contribute whatever they can to the entire group to truly maximize the potential of online marketing system.

With your own team of active promoters, it does not matter what kind of matrices are out there, and it does not matter what kind of bonuses they’re giving out, YOU will be able to take your entire team of people to join all of them, and finally be able to earn that millions of dollars in the last level of every matrices out there.


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